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JulNoWriMo Chat Room

Welcome to the official JulNoWriMo Chat Room! If you have an IRC client already installed on your computer, you can connect using the information displayed below. If you want to use our web-based java chat, wait until the applet loads and then click on "Connect" to start chatting! Note: If a window alert opens, click on the "Run" text to finish loading the applet.

A few basic commands are listed below the chat applet if you're unfamiliar with IRC.

Port: 6667
Channel: #julnowrimo

Please have fun and be respectful to everyone! To talk on the official NaNoWriMo chat room, type /join #nanowrimo after you are connected to the chat server.

Basic IRC Commands:
/me action - Performs an action. For example, /me jumps up and down.
/nick nickname - Changes your nickname. /nick Robert would switch to Robert. (Spaces cannot be included!)
/notice nickname (message) - Sends a short message to the person without opening a private chat.
/query nickname - Opens a private message window with the specified person. /query Robert would open a chat with Robert.
/quit (reason) - Quits the chat network with the specified reason. For example, /quit Going out for lunch.
/whois nickname - Displays more information about the specified nickname.